Advantage of YMP CNC Machining Manufacturer

Strong Manufacturing Capabilities

Strong Manufacturing Capabilities

We are a professional CNC machining manufacturer, with a senior engineering R&D Design Department and precision CNC Machining Center.

Services: CNC machining, precision lathe parts processing, mass production, rapid prototyping, sample parts, custom design non-standard hardware/plastic parts.

Processing: CNC machining, lathe processing, drilling, chamfering, tapping, milling flat knurling, cold heading, stamping, die-casting, wire cutting, etc.

Material: aluminum alloy, stainless steel, copper, iron, etc.

Surface treatment: grinding, polishing, electroplating, silk screen printing, passivation, blackening, radiation, heat treatment, drop-resistant glue, surface etching, anodizing, etc.

Processing equipments: CNC lathe, turning and milling compound CNC, 5-axis CNC machining center, Drill Grinder, etc.

Positioning accuracy: ±0.002mm

Repetitive positioning accuracy: ±0.003mm

Roundness boring \ Milling accuracy: ±0.002mm

Data form: 3D, 2D

File format: Sldprt, prt, CATPart, x_t, step, iges, dxf, dwg, pdf

Focus On Aluminum Alloy Parts Processing

20 years focus on CNC precision aluminum alloy parts processing, producing non-standard parts by your drawings or samples, advanced CNC machining center, witch can meet the diversified product demand of the market.

New energy auto accessories include: engine aluminum alloy shell, 6061 aluminium alloy automobile wheel hub, 3003 aluminum battery shell, anti-collision beam, seat parts, etc.

Aluminum camera accessories include: aluminum alloy tripod, camera handle, moisture-proof box, stabilizer, aluminum slide rail, tripod, camera shell, etc.

We cooperate with well-known robot manufacturers to produce aluminum alloy robot arm, controller parts, servo motors, gear reducer accessories.

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YMP Industry focus on aluminium alloy parts processing
YMP Industry Had Build International Standard Quality Control

International Standard Quality Control

A perfect international standard quality inspection system has been established, and every factory product has to go through many strict inspection procedures before it can be shipped.

With strict quality control process, to ensure the pass rate of 100% , less than 1% for three consecutive years, and we have a good reputation in the industry.

Completed quality inspection equipments, from the initial inspection and random inspection in the production stage to the full inspection in the packaging stage, apply international advanced equipment, and minimize the development cost, cycle and risk for customers through scientific and rigorous technological requirements.

Short Lead Time, Efficient Market Service Ability

We have efficient production capacity, build intelligent warehousing and cross-border logistics cooperation supply chain, and realize your delivery expectation more quickly.

There are 106 4-axis CNC machining centers (drilling and tapping, V8, 1160, etc.), 28 5-axis machining centers, 2 CNC die machines, 2 engraving and milling machines, 2 turning and milling machines, 4 CNC lathes, 9 injection molding machines, 4 CNC walkers, bending machines, high-precision sawing machines, grinding machines, spark machines, drilling machines, etc.

7*24 hours uninterrupted work, shorten the production cycle, and provide guarantee for your products to be put on the market in time.

Short Lead Time, Efficient Market Service Ability