Yi Xin Precision Customer Visit Log: Australia Chapter

2024-05-02 Yixin Precision Metal and Plastic Ltd

In order to better understand customer needs and feedback, and establish good business relationships, Yi Xin's business team has been on the road visiting customers since September 2023.

Through close contact and conversations with customers, we sincerely felt their affirmation and satisfaction with the quality of our products and services on-site, which made our team proud. Providing high-quality CNC mechanical parts to customers continuously has always been the corporate culture we adhere to.


In early January 2024, we arrived in Australia, where the enthusiasm and hospitality of Australian customers left a deep impression on our team.

What impressed us most was the host of the homestay in Melbourne, Victoria. After she understood our introduction to Yi Xin Company in detail, she highly recognized the strength, quality system, and management system of Yi Xin Company, and was full of confidence in us. She said she would introduce her best friend to us.

Although the next day was a public holiday in Australia, considering our tight schedule and not wanting to miss this cooperation opportunity, the company's boss and procurement team arranged a field visit to their company temporarily. They are a manufacturer of mining lamps that has been purchasing mechanical parts from China for 25 years. After this profound understanding and conversation, they hope to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with Yi Xin in the future.


We are very grateful for the warm hospitality of our customers during this visit to Australia. At the same time, we are also fortunate to meet new partners who trust and recognize us very much. We also hope that they will take the time to visit our factory in Shenzhen and further understand our Yi Xin team's attitude towards the pursuit of high-quality products and services when they have the opportunity.

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