Yixin Chuangyan newly added several precision engraving5-axis CNC machine and testing equipment

2024-05-24 Yixin Precision Metal and Plastic Ltd

Since its establishment in 2004, Yixin Chuangyan has been focusing on the custom processing of  high-end precision parts for more than 20 years, which has been recognized and widely approved by the market and customers, and mainly serves the world's well-known leading enterprises in the photographic camera equipment, automobile tuning parts, audio and multimedia equipment, medical treatment, and robotics industries, and has gained a good reputation in the industry. With the continuous expansion of the company's business scale and the increase in customer demand for products, in order to better improve product quality and speed up product delivery, this year our company has once again increased the equipment investment and introduced several new equipment, in order to meet the diversified custom needs of customers. 


New equipment highlights

High-precision 5-axis high-speed CNC machine

Model: JDGR400T

Specialised in machining mechanical parts with complex structure, discrete blank boundary deviation, stainless steel, titanium alloy, etc.

Micrometer-level machining capability:

  • Stable realisation of ‘0.1um feed, 1um cutting, nm-level surface roughness’ processing.

  • Can be equipped with carved hollow water main spindle, suitable for deep hole, deep cavity machining;

  • Equipped with medium cutting-type Jingdiao high-speed precision electric spindle JD150S (shank model HSK-A50), the spindle has the characteristics of low vibration and stable thermal elongation, in any stable state, the vibration value is <0.6mm/s. After the spindle state is stable, the thermal elongation is <2um within 120min;

  • Configured with Jingdiao self-developed ID50 CNC system, with excellent motion control capability, motion control resolution up to 10nm, supporting high-precision five-axis machining.

  • Equipped with Jingdiao's own cradle-type rotary table, AC axes all adopt direct-drive motors, all have positioning locking function, motion control resolution is 0.0001°, positioning accuracy 6‘, repeat positioning accuracy 4’.


High precision 5-axis high-speed CNC machine

Model: JDGR200T

Precision engraving 5-axis high-speed CNC machine for precision mould milling and polishing, precision parts processing, optical parts processing.

Micron-level machining capability:

  • Stable to achieve ‘0.1um feed, 1um cutting, nm level surface roughness’ processing.

  • Equipped with special electric spindle for precision engraving and machining, with speed up to 32,000rpm;

  • The micro-mist lubrication system can be equipped to meet the cooling requirements of micro-milling processing.


Three-dimensional measuring equipment


  • Single-point touch-trigger measurement system: While ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the measurement results, the advantages of touch-trigger sensors are rugged, economical and easy to operate, high ruggedness makes it suitable for harsh industrial environments, adjustable force measurement to increase the flexibility of application, is the ideal choice of general-purpose surface form and position measurement.

  • Contact continuous scanning measurement system: suitable for a variety of parts of unknown shape and contour measurement, and can complete the inspection process with the efficiency of hundreds of data per second. The high-density scanning acquisition point to ensure good measurement accuracy and repeatability, provides accuracy and reliability at the same time,  and saves a lot of process time for users. 

  • Non-Contact Measurement Systems: The best way to inspect parts with complex geometries and surface sensitive materials is to use non-contact sensors. Laser or image sensors enable non-contact data acquisition, quickly capturing the entire part and its surface data with a balance of accuracy and efficiency, making measurement easier.


Equipment Advantage:

Improve production efficiency: Shorten production cycle time and increase production speed through automation and intelligent equipment.

Improve product quality: High-precision machining and efficient inspection equipment ensure the consistency and reliability of product quality.

Reduce operating costs: Automated equipment reduces manual intervention, lowers labour costs and improves the efficiency of resource utilization.

Environmental protection and energy saving: Adoption of environmentally friendly technology and equipment reduces energy consumption and pollution, practicing the concept of green production.



The introduction of the new equipment marks a new level of technological innovation and production capacity of our factory. Yixin Chuangyan will continue to adhere to the concept of ‘quality-oriented, customer first’ , committed to technological innovation and process improvement, dedicated to providing customers with higher quality products and better service.

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