What is Brushing? CNC Machining Knowledge

2020-07-14 Yixin Precision Metal and Plastic Ltd

What is brushing?

If it is in the hardware industry friends should know, will often hear a surface treatment: brushing.

So, what is brushing? Why are you brushing?

Believe that a lot of people drawing something brushed metal materials: wire drawing wheel, wire drawing abrasive belt, nylon band on the surface of wire drawing processing is by grinding metal surface repair of workpiece surface and the adornment of the grain processing, rise to decorate the effect of a kind of surface treatment technique. Brushing surface treatment can be clearly revealed each tiny silk mark, so that the metallic matte in radiant with fine hair luster, products have both fashion and technology.

Then, what are some of the characteristics of brushing, YIXIN research professional solutions for you:

● technological method is simple, easy to operate, suitable for large, medium and small mold, without being limited by the geometric shape;

●Simple devices, less material consumption, main consumption decals, printing ink, paint, low cost, high economic benefit.

●Using the mixed ink, has good resistance to corrosion, strong adhesive force, natural drying, and the advantages of good heat transfer performance;

●Nozzle using home-made ball type corrosion, corrosion can fluid injection into uniform hemispherical surface, suitable for complicated cavity corrosion, add cavity downwards, not pile of hysteresis corrosive liquid, can obtain uniform corrosion depth, texture clear, high quality decorative lines;

Compared with other metal brushing processing, material surface processing drawing technology can make the metal surface to obtain the mirror metallic luster, like silk, satin, have very strong adornment effect as to the ordinary metal to the new life and the life, so the wire drawing processing has more and more market recognition and a wide range of applications

Brushing can be used for what material?

brushing processing can make the metal surface to obtain a mirror metallic luster, have very strong adornment effect, can be used for stainless steel, aluminum, copper, iron and so on many kinds of metal products.

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