Company Culture

At Yixin precision Metal and Plastic Ltd, we strive to foster a culture of excellence. From the moment you walk into our company, you will notice that the first thing we focus on is our people. We promote a family-like culture as we believe this lays down the foundation for operational excellence. As a result, our employee turnover is very low and have developed in-depth organizational knowledge when it comes to manufacturing custom parts.

We have invested in some great equipment. From our top-of-the-line highly precise Amada CNC Press Brake to our quick Fanuc Robo-drills, we have made a significant investment in high-quality precision equipment to meet highly demanding machining and sheet metal applications.

Behind our machines are machinists, sheet metal fabricators and manufacturing engineers with decades of experience that enable the shortest cycle time, and high repeatability. In our ISO9001:2015 certified facility, you will find a culture that is focused on quality, not only through our robust process controls and advanced metrology lab but through our deep understanding of GR&R and GD&T.

When combined with the spirit in our team to treat our customers right, this results in loyal and happy customers and beautiful precision parts. We offer free DFM analysis and would be happy to help you with your next project. Go ahead and send us a message!