Let’s Talk about Plastic

2020-07-14 Yixin Precision Metal and Plastic Ltd

Let’s talk about plastic

Speaking of plastic, that's our life everywhere, basic is a opened his eyes, the line of sight to the corner there is a plastic part.Ha ha, you may feel a bit exaggerated, but it is an indisputable fact, visible plastic played a big role in our life!

Plastic material because performance is excellent, easy processing, in plastic, rubber and synthetic fibre in three synthetic materials, production is the largest and the most widely used polymer materials.At present, the application fields of plastic material is still in the further, have been involved in all aspects of the national economy and people's life.

Plastic is divided into many types, such as PP, steel (POM), nylon, ABS, PMMA, teflon, PC, PVC, etc

Shenzhen YIXIN ,we accept customized, processing all kinds of hardware plastic products already has more than 15 years of experience, in the same way, we have a professional team of engineers, can solve your problem of all wondering when the processing production, service has always been our aim to the customer.

What are common plastic surface treatment?Do you know?

Plastic to make it look more beautiful and have qualitative feeling, often for surface treatment products.So, what are plastic common surface treatment?

1) frosted

2) coating

3) silk screen

4) pad printing

5) thermal transfer

6) water transfer printing

7) laser engraving

8) electrophoresis (water plating)

9) vacuum coating

10) texture (erosion grain, leather grain) on plastic abrasive

Among them, electroplating and painting is the common way. Shenzhen Yixin Precision Metal & Plastic Ltd,. research has more than 15 years of experience in plastic products production, no matter you have what kind of character design, shenzhen Yixin Precision Metal & Plastic Ltd,. research will wholeheartedly provide customized service for you!

Metal processing, we are serious and professional!

To serve our customers, we are sincere and profess

Plastic product customization applies to which industries?

Plastic has a very wide range of applications, involving almost all industries, home appliances are so common shell is mostly plastic products (home appliances), toys, mobile phones, computers, cars, daily necessities and so on.

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