• Deformation of Aluminum Alloy Parts During CNC Machining

    Processing of aluminum alloy materials, thin-walled parts, due to the thermal expansion coefficient of aluminum alloy parts larger, thin-walled process is easy to deformation. Especially in the use of free forging rough, the processing margin, deformation is more prominent.

    2019-06-10 Yixin Precision Metal and Plastic Ltd

  • Machining Industry

    There are two main types of machining: manual machining and CNC machining.

    2019-06-01 Yixin Precision Metal and Plastic Ltd

  • How to Solve Deformation Problem in Aluminum Alloy Processing

    It has always been a headache for us to process aluminum alloy numerically. Why is it easy to deform in aluminum alloy processing? What should we do?

    2019-05-31 Yixin Precision Metal and Plastic Ltd

  • What Are the Application Areas of Aluminum

    Aluminum and aluminum alloys are among the most economical materials available today. Since the beginning of 1956, the world's aluminum production has been the largest in the world. At present, the output and dosage of aluminum (in tons) is second only to steel and the second largest metal for human applications. Moreover, aluminum is rich in resources. According to preliminary calculations, the storage of aluminum accounts for more than 8% of the constituents of the earth's crust.

    2019-05-29 Yixin Precision Metal and Plastic Ltd

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