The Process of Die Casting Mold Design

2019-07-23 Yixin Precision Metal and Plastic Ltd

The process of die casting mold design.

1.Get 3D & 2D drawings and other information from customers

Including dimensions, tolerances, benchmarks, technical requirements, material requirements, surface treatment requirements, spray requirements, etc.

2. Determine the tonnage of the die casting machine

Die casting opportunities with insufficient tonnage cause various abnormalities and defects, and accelerate the life of the lost mold, and increase the cost of deformation.

3. The number of cavities and the determination of the arrangement

Not all products need to be used in a single model. There are many smaller products that can do more than one hole. According to the geometry and accuracy standards of the product, the cavity of the mold can be arranged to save costs.

4. Determine the parting surface

The parting surface is determined to follow these principles. Can not affect the appearance; the accuracy of the product is guaranteed; conducive to processing; conducive to the design of the pouring system, exhaust system, cooling system; facilitate demolding.

5. Choose a reliable standard parts supplier

Generally, die-casting companies will have a long-term supplier of standard parts, and quality can be guaranteed.

6.Pouring and ejection system design

The design of the gating system includes the selection of the main flow path, the shape of the cross-section of the runner, and the determination of the dimensions.

The ejector form of the product can be divided into three categories: mechanical ejection, hydraulic ejection, and pneumatic ejection.

7.Mold processing

Choose the right steel and quenching method

8. About the machine test

If the product does not meet the customer's requirements, or the mass production is not qualified, etc., it is necessary to repair the mold.

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