Some Small Tips in CNC Engraving

2019-07-09 Yixin Precision Metal and Plastic Ltd

Do you know anything about CNC engraving?  Do you know some skills of CNC engraving?  Do you know how to deal with the problems during CNC engraving?

1.How to adjust the processing parameters when the roughing is not good?

If the tool life is still not guaranteed at a reasonable main axis speed, when adjusting the parameters, adjust the knife depth first, then adjust the feed speed and adjust the side feed again. (Note: There is a limit to adjusting the depth of the knife. If the depth of the knife is too small, the layering is too much, although the theoretical cutting efficiency is high, but the actual processing efficiency is affected by other factors, resulting in the processing efficiency is too low, At this time, it should be processed with a smaller tool, but the processing efficiency is higher. Generally speaking, the minimum depth of the knife should not be less than 0.1mm.)

2.How to deal with the broken knife suddenly during processing?

1. Stop machining and check the current serial number of the machining.

2. Look at the broken knife, if there is a broken knife body, if it is removed.

3. Analyze the cause of the broken knife. This is the most important. Why is the cutter broken? We want to analyze the various factors that affect processing from the above. But the reason for the broken knife is that the force on the tool suddenly increases. Or the path problem, or the tool jitter is too large, or the material has a hard block, or the spindle motor speed is not correct.

4. After analysis, replace the tool for processing. If there is no replacement path, it is necessary to advance the serial number on the original serial number. At this time, it must be noted that the feed speed will be lowered. First, the hardening of the broken knife is serious, and the second is to carry out the tool running-in.

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